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Mobile Map Solution

Postby pydod » Sat May 10, 2008 3:27 am

We have a good Mobile Map Solution to develop LBS (location based service), and GIS application.

We just released MinMap as a mobile map on android.

Please visit Pydod website for more information.

- MinMap (eAndroidMap) is LBS (Location Based System) application, will help you to discover by youself about a specific city, a town or a place you want to come, will come or are staying in general. Basically this application provides some core funtions like a GIS application such as finding a place, finding a POI, manage your favorite.
- This application does not require internet connection to run. This application stores all data on a sdcard.

- Android SDK.
- Bluetooth GPS receiver or GPR built-in phone.

- MinMap can work with a map about 2.000.000 MapObjects.
- MinMap can work with a map about 1.000.000 POIs.
- Minimum memory footprint < 10M for any map.
- The same performance for any map.

Main features
- View map as vector data.
- Pan, zoom-in, zoom-out, move to a place.
- Search the map as search any map-object by some characters or click your mouse on the map.
- Search business as search any POI by some characters.
- Manage your favorite as add new a POI, add an existing POI to your favorite or delete a POI from your favorite.
- View history as show a list which stores visited place.
- Active GPS as view your position on the map.
- Search near by as active GPS and search the map, search bussiness or search favorite near by current position.

In the future...
We think that all products are not perfect so we are promised to improve our products to bring core value and sastify our dear customers. In this product, we are developing new version with some expected results:
- Support 3D.
- Support routing.
- Guide and warning by voice.

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