Mobile bank (SMS-banking)

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Mobile bank (SMS-banking)

Postby avesha99 » Thu Dec 09, 2010 6:20 pm

I present my application "Mobile bank"
SMS-banking, information on the status of their card accounts and performed transactions, payments using your phone.



Available on Android Market


SMS Banking - used for performing balance checks, account transactions, payments, credit applications etc. via a mobile device such as a mobile phone using the SMS service.

How does it work?

If you are a user of SMS banking, then every time you make a payment using your credit card (or withdraw cash from an ATM), you'll receive information SMS message, which shows: the amount of surgery, place of performance, balance and other additional information.

With this program, this information may be converted into readable form, which further lets you view the history of cash flows on a card, cost reports, etc.

Additional features:
• Mini-statements and checking of account history;
• Mutual funds / equity statements;
• Status on cheque, stop payment on cheque;
• Balance checking in the account;
• Recent transactions;
• Blocking of (lost, stolen) cards;
• Others, depending on the list of services provided by the bank.
• Configuration templates of operations performed on the card (Payments, Deposits, Withdrawals, and Transfers)

In addition you can look at the maps places of transaction, as well as find the nearest ATM.

Unfortunately, currently ONLY supported by Russian banks and Russian representative offices of foreign banks. This is more than 30 banks, the program has been successfully operating for over a year. Review of program (Russian): or

Want to see the program support your bank? You can help, it requires:

1. Provide for the analysis of several sms notifications received from the Bank, the more messages, the higher the accuracy of the parser. Messages can be downloaded directly from the program, see the menu 'Unload SMS to a file', messages are stored in the file /sdcard/MobileBank/exportSms.txt

Before sending confidential information may change, but does not replace the scrip for XXX - better to replace it with the other figures, because separators are important to know the amounts, if any. All special characters, spaces, etc. are also important.

2. Give a link to the website of the Bank with a description of banking services;

Is it safe? Yes! The text of the SMS notification is not given full credit card number or PIN.

Attention! Nowhere in the program is not required to enter your full credit card number, PIN, and CVV codes. Be careful not to communicate this information to anyone.

Discussion and additional information about the program read on or developer blog.
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