Microsoft Surface Tablet PC

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Microsoft Surface Tablet PC

Postby Hotcandy » Tue Oct 23, 2012 10:08 am

Microsoft Tablet PC Surface before finally opening up Pre, as Microsoft's formal launch the Windows8 date getting closer and closer, then will simultaneously launch Surface RT also increasingly anticipated. Meanwhile, Apple is rumored 23 will also be together in the Tablet PC market to compete. Despite the locked market is different, Microsoft and Apple rivalry means that is still strong. However, let Microsoft and Apple specifically the United States in the former, Google also send invitations, product launch is expected to be held on the 29th.

 Already on the market, many Android Tablet PC price has been reduced to less than $ 300, meaning some or even dropped to less than $ 200, but so far, the a Windows8 tablet computer or electrical test price remained more than $ 499. Surface available for pre-, Microsoft has finally announced the official online Surface RT tablet pc priced at $ 499. Despite direct competition to the Apple iPad, but the price is still more than most people expected expensive.

 However, this Microsoft Windows department heads Steven Sinofsky still optimistic that the price than competitors, and more expensive, Surface is not only has a larger screen and more application services. As from the launch date is getting closer, Microsoft is actively various Windows8 equipment market and the main this is a re-imagining of the Windows experience.
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