MetalShop Pro 1.0 Scrap Metal Calculator

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MetalShop Pro 1.0 Scrap Metal Calculator

Postby jwilke101 » Sat Jan 05, 2013 2:48 am

MetalShop Pro 1.0 - Find out how much your scrap metal is worth. Calculate the weights of metal that you want to bring to the scrap yard. System updated with industry current prices. Also useful for scrap yards.. Workers can track all of their purchases with a hand-held tablet. Pro version updates all transactions to a PC, or server in a central place (such as an office), where invoices can be printed out and customers can be paid for their metal.
New Scrap Metal Resource Directory - Find current prices in your area. Watch videos on scrap metal identification and learn how to reclaim gold from computer parts. Find Buyers and Sellers! List your own resource on the MetalShop Resource Directory!
Now supports Multiple Currency and Metric Weights!
You can now edit the UOM Conversion Table!
Valid UOM (Unit of Measure are)
TON (Short Ton) = 2000 lbs
GT (Grs/Long Ton = 2240 lbs
MT (Metric Ton) = 2204.62 lbs
KG (Kilogram) = 2.20462 lbs
LBS (Pound) = 1 lbs
OZ (Ounce) = 0.0625 lbs
GM (Gram) = 0.0022 lbs
MG (Milligram) = 0.0000022 lbs
CT (Carat) = 0.00044 lbs
ST (Stone) = 14 lbs
Be sure to see the Discussion on Starting MetalShop Pro 1.0 for important startup tips or go to Menu->Help and Resources.
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