Metal Detector Plz have a look

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Metal Detector Plz have a look

Postby pmws » Thu Mar 04, 2010 8:43 am


I published a metal detector some time ago. Lately i'm getting comments, that its using up battery extensivly (when NOT running)
If thats true it will defenetly be the sensor listeners not beeing unregistered properly.

However, even after like a 100 test runs, i can not recreate the issue the users are describing.
(Using a 1.6 G1 from T-Mobile)

Id be very greateful if some of you guys should install the app and check for battery usage after some time.
Its on the Market called "Easy Metal Detector Lite"
Info i need is :
Is the problem occuring ?
Type of device used
Android version
If possible the way the program was exited (which button pressed)

Its hard to fix if i don't having the problem it...

thanks heaps in advance,

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