Meridian Video Player - Video player with improved interface

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Meridian Video Player - Video player with improved interface

Postby Romulus » Thu Dec 11, 2008 10:56 am

Hi, I write a video player on Android for G1, on version 0.5.0 it has features below:

Gesture Control
No need of annoying buttons. Just slide your finger on the screen!

Auto Rotating
Sensor-based screen orientation, or you can fix it at whatever you like.

Auto resume to where you're watching, whatever how you momently leave the player.

RTSP Streaming
With the data link, you can access your IP cam anywhere as long as it provides the RTSP streaming using H.264.

More Functions
Mute, delete, and of course the basic playing and seeking.

Playability Guessing
Notice you if your file can not be played on G1.

There's no extra codecs on this player. It can only play mp4/3gp files with H.264 or H.263 encoding. WMV 8 sometimes can be played but is dangerous.

I suggest you to read Tutorial if you meet any problems.

It's available on the Android Market, or you can get APK file from the project page.

I'm glad to hear your feedbacks!

Screenshots: (For more screenshots click here)
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