[FREE & PAID][2.2+] Meditate - Meditation Timer

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[FREE & PAID][2.2+] Meditate - Meditation Timer

Postby MeditateApp » Sun Feb 24, 2013 11:12 pm

Hello everyone.

I would like to present you my new app.
The application is called Meditate - Meditation Timer
It's higlhy custamizable, programmable and userfriendly meditation timer with a bunch of settings that user can use to personalize it best for needed purposes.
It can be also used as a sleep heler [mode Fall Asleep].

Short brief of features:
Directly after application starts we can quickly and easy choose between two main mode, Single and highly customizable Plan mode.
On the main activity you can swipe between 3 meditation modes:
a) Meditation
b) Meditation with affirmation
c) Fall Asleep (sleep booster)

User has possibilities to define any amount of meditation Plans he wants with that contains any needed amount of steps. In each of them it is possible to set the category of meditation and it's duration (hours:minutes). After completing each next step, the next one is load automaticly. Till the last one, then the whole Plan can be reset and start from begining, or be completely redited.

Application has also a bunch of settings such as, preparation time, time after sound should be repeated, quieting each next sound, choosing own sound file from phonoe storage and setting the time of everydays notifications, etc.

After completing meditation there is possibility to save a note, which can be further freely viewed or edited in History of all previous meditations. History itself contains infos like date, start and end time, category of meditation, title of affirmation, title of the plan, number of step etc. Each can be deleted if user wants that.

In Statistics you can look on your progress on the scalable and scrollable column charts. Period of 7, 30, 90, 365 days ago can be set. Or after click 'Show All' we will see the meditations since the first one ever started (and still not deleted by user) till today.
Link to free/trial version, Meditate Free Meditation Timer

Link to full version, Meditate - Meditation Timer

Here are a few screenshots
Image Image Image Image

I invite you to Meditate :)


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