"Media Sushi" sneak preview

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"Media Sushi" sneak preview

Postby KDBTechnology » Wed Mar 24, 2010 2:00 am

Hello everyone

I'd like to offer a sneak preview of our first Android widget "Media Sushi".

"Media Sushi" is a media display/view widget for Android homescreens, which monitors all media content on the device and provides a quick, simple presentation of the most recently added or modified media items on the device. Including the latest pictures or videos you may have taken yourself.

Media is displayed in a "Sushi Bar" layout on the screen, and navigation is performed by clicking the left and right buttons, with the bar moving with fluid animation to the next slot.

A picture speaks a 1000 words so, here are a few....


You can also view/play the media in the center slot by clicking on it, be it an image, video, or sound.

Users are able to configure which content is displayed in the bar, how many items to show, and also how often to perform a check on any changes in the file system with regard to media....


"Media Sushi" is scheduled to be released to the Market on the 6th April.

Im happy to answer anyone questions on "Media Sushi", about me or KDB in general.

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