[Free App] Magic Mozzies-Educational App w/ Mozzie Repeller

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[Free App] Magic Mozzies-Educational App w/ Mozzie Repeller

Postby nestanco » Wed Jun 27, 2012 6:26 pm

The Magic Mozzie app is a fun way for you to learn about mozzies (mosquitoes), the most dangerous animals on Earth.

It'll take you through their habitat, lifecycle, diseases they carry and methods to control them, survival kit, plus plenty of fun facts along the way.

You can take the Quiz to test your knowledge, or try out the Mozzie Repeller, which has a special mode to annoy your mum!


The quiz tests your knowledge of mosquitoes, their lifecycle, diseases and control, survival tips and fun facts. You will be shown 10 questions each time, selected randomly from a question pool.

Mozzie Repeller
Mozzie Repeller is a sonic mozzie repeller that repels mosquitoes by emitting a high-pitched noise that they hate. It is fun and simple to use - just touch the start/stop button.

It can emit single frequency sounds ranging from 9kHz-20kHz, multiple frequencies (low range, high range, or full range), and includes a special Annoy your Mum mode.

There are 3,500 species of mozzies. You can choose a single frequency between 9KHz and 20kHz that best suits your need.

You can also try a multiple frequency set (low, high or full range available), which cycles through a number of frequencies one after another.

Adults won't be able to hear all frequencies, but young kids are sensitive and find some frequencies terribly annoying.

And if you are really bored, you can try the Annoy Your Mum mode, which emits mozzie buzzing sound that is sure to annoy adults.

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