Magic 8 Ball - Need feedback.

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Magic 8 Ball - Need feedback.

Postby Nexeo » Mon Mar 29, 2010 7:03 pm

I have recently published a new Magic 8 Ball application to the Android market!
This is an Android version of the classic Magic 8 Ball toy with all of the 20 original responses.

Look for "Magic 8 Ball" by Plex6 or click this link from your phone: ... magic8ball

A Magic 8 Ball toy should not be shaken, it is supposed to be turned over then turned back. Shaking creates bubles that distort the answer and prevent the die from making full contact with the window.

Please let me know if this doesn't work on your device and provide details such as Android version, device model, error text if any, etc. If it works and you like it please give it a good rating! If you have issues, let me know before rating and I will address them ASAP.

Also: can anyone tell me if there are ANY Android phones out there right now that DON'T have an orientation sensor? I made the app show a button if it doesn't detect an orientation sensor, but I'm not sure of any devices that lack that sensor.

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