Looking for testers for NetHak text-based MMO

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Looking for testers for NetHak text-based MMO

Postby gevrik » Fri Jan 15, 2010 12:13 am


I am now looking for some alpha testers to help me improve the client for Android phones and test the server capacity as well as its stability. The game is a text-based multi-massively online strategy & roleplaying game that can be played without having to type much (as it is common for text-based games) thanks to its Android client that offers UI elements for most commands.

I develop and test this client on a HTC Hero. The client should look as-intended on devices that have a similar display as the Hero, but I am also interested on how it works for other Android phones. Read on for more information...

Here is a little info on the story of the game:

The year is 2030. Nanotechnology has improved our society in many ways. Nanobots are active in our bodies to fight diseases and enable us to wirelessly interface with devices such as cars, planes, robots and computer networks. When you log into the game, you leave your body behind and enter cyberspace, a visual representations of computer systems and data.

There are two big organizations with different agendas in the game:

The Turing Registry is a group dedicated to keep artificial intelligences from becoming too smart. They are something of a net police and employ agents to gather intelligence and information about self-aware programs.
The Moderns are a neo-anarchistic group of hackers that try to learn more about artificial intelligences and are actively involved in making them smarter.
Join one of these organizations, create your own computer systems and populate it with offensive and defensive programs to earn money, information and to protect it from other hackers.

Or would you rather be the hacker yourself and invade your enemies' systems to steal their data and disrupt their network? No problem, just find our some access codes and get hacking!

If you prefer to support your organization with custom made offensive and defensive programs, you can also just hang out in your organization's systems and code modules for them.

You will find even more information and a download link to the APK on the official NetHak site (optimised for mobile devices).

You can also read about this project on my blog at TotalMadOwnage.

And here are a few screenies (nothing fancy, this is a text-based game):

Image Image

Image Image

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