Location Reminder Alarm - GPS+Network Location

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Location Reminder Alarm - GPS+Network Location

Postby DDD » Mon Jan 24, 2011 6:37 am

Use both GPS and network towers to alert you when you have arrived at a preset location.

**To access your location history, please visit: http://rttraffic.com/lra/**

This Location Reminder Alarm alerts you that you are approaching a preset location and is aimed to work in Metros/City with Skyscrapers as we use both GPS and network location settings. You will also able to track you location history (just in case you lose your phone, or want to know where you children is) from our website at http://www.rttraffic.com/lra.

This application has English, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese versions. It will simply take the language that is used by your Android device.


Get more information at http://www.rttraffic.com
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