LibreGeoSocial: The geolocated social network in Android

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LibreGeoSocial: The geolocated social network in Android

Postby rocapal » Thu Feb 12, 2009 12:55 pm

LibreGeoSocial is a new libre (free, open source) mobile social network whose nodes have the attribute of "geo-located position". Both the source code of the backend and the Android client are distributed as libre software.

The Geo-Location Social Network consists of:

* Core backend: It implements the geo-located social graph, geo-located text notes (soon with pictures too) and external input geo-channels. The backend is developed in Python. You can use it as a module, independent of the Android client application.
* A REST API that wraps the core backend of the social network thus allowing heterogeneous clients to the core backend.
* Android application The Android application interacts with the REST API to get/put information (notes, nodes in the social graph, relations among them, etc.)

All the source code and documentation is libre (free, open source) and you can access it through Morfeo's Forge and blog project

All this work have been developed in Rey Juan Carlos University (Spain) in the research group called LibreSoft

Any comments or colaborations in the project are welcome!

Demo Video:

[flash width=450 height=320][/flash]
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