[PUBLIC-BETA] Kitten Vs. Zombie V0.2.0 - Need Testers

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[PUBLIC-BETA] Kitten Vs. Zombie V0.2.0 - Need Testers

Postby Sean_Kelly » Mon Oct 01, 2012 11:07 pm

Hello Anddev community,

I just recently released a new game into the Android Market (Google Play) called "Kitten Vs. Zombie".

In my newest update I will be adding:
-Social Features
-Offline Mode
-Ability to Buy Internets(in game points)

Most testing has already been completed by my staff for the update, but I'd like to put it through the perspective of others before releasing it officially.

scan the QR code to participate:

Let me know of any bugs you find / feedback of any kind!
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