JUSTones - a simple Ringtone/SMS Tone Manager

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JUSTones - a simple Ringtone/SMS Tone Manager

Postby shafam3 » Fri Mar 20, 2009 9:57 am

Just Tones is an intuitive Ringtone and SMS Tone Manager that lets you set Ringtones as well as SMS Tones using a simple and efficient interface. Just by using the right arrow key, you can Play/Stop an existing ringtone for any contact or group. Select multiple contacts from the main screen and set a Ringtone (or SMS Tone) for them. Contact names and Ringtone/ SMS Tone names are displayed together for any contact/group.

Need to set a ringtone for a 'Company'? You can do that with Just Tones. You can also create a new Contact Group (e.g. Friends, Family, Business etc.).


* Set Ringtone/ SMS Tone for one or more contacts in one operation
* Set Group Ringtone/SMS Tone
* Select mp3 ringtones from your storage card
* Play/Stop ringtones from the main screen for any Contact or Group
* Contact Names are displayed along with their ringtone

Please Note: The DEMO version is limited to 20 contacts. Setting Ringtones/SMS Tones for Groups as well as creation of groups is not available in the demo. The full version can be purchased from http://SlideMe.org
Demo Version
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