JinxOnU Ver 1 (Beta) has been launched, need your feedback a

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JinxOnU Ver 1 (Beta) has been launched, need your feedback a

Postby megabew » Sun Apr 21, 2013 4:18 pm

Megabew is delighted to announce the launch of JinxOnU Ver. 1.0 (Beta) for Google Android 2.2 and up. Finally, the wait is over for the first ever Social Jinxer Game integrated with Heyzap. Now through JinxOnU, you can prove to your friends that you are the chief of fun times in your group; out of a group of 100 people 17 believe they are the funniest and JinxOnU provides you with a platform for fun and enjoyment and a place to prove your skills. JinxOnU is not just a game but a social medium full of excitement and fun. JinxOnU also allows you to master the art of social jinxing and you can also maintain your score and play with others through Heyzap. When using JinxOnU Ver. 1 (Beta), you would need your friends to download, so, you have players to apply jinxer to or play on Heyzap. For great times JinxOnU. Download links are as follows:




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