jchat4android 1.0 released!

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jchat4android 1.0 released!

Postby s.semeria » Tue Jul 29, 2008 3:59 pm

jChat4Android is a chat application for the Android platform based on Jade agent framework.
It shows how Jade can effectively be used in a peer-to-peer context on mobile devices.
In our opinion JADE, thanks to the expressiveness of its communication model based on FIPA specifications ( http://www.fipa.org ), brings strong added
value to ANDROID SDK platform in the development of innovative applications based on social models and peer-to-peer paradigm.

jChat relies on Jade-Android 1.0, a JADE add-on that enables Jade capabilities on the Android platform and provides a good example of how Android developers can use JADE agents in their own applications.
For any information regarding Jade and Jade-Android, please refer to Jade project official site at
http://jade.tilab.com .

These are the main features of jChat:
    Contacts management (contacts are read from the phone contacts database)

    Persistence (you can see the status of all contacts connected to your own JADE platform)

    Real time localization (you can see the position of the contacts on the map and the distance from your current position. Localization uses the Android mocked GPS provider for tracking contacts position. You are able to import new custom tracks if you wish.)

    Multiple chat sessions handling ( you can open multiple chat sessions with different contacts and switch between them)

    Support for chat with many contacts in a single session

    Mocked SMS sending and phone call to contacts

jChat4Android 1.0 is released as open source software according to the LGPL 2.1.
You can find out source code, binaries and documentation at the jChat4android project site here : http://code.google.com/p/jchat4android/
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