[Free App] IT Outsourcing Myth - different perceptions

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[Free App] IT Outsourcing Myth - different perceptions

Postby nestanco » Sun Jun 23, 2013 4:15 pm

Does IT Outsourcing reduce cost and improve efficiency or increase complexity and create problems? The IT Outsourcing Myth app uses a game approach to show interactively different opinions on outsourcing IT to external service providers. There are good and bad perceptions.

The app/game uses falling smiley faces to show different perceptions. When you touch a face, you’ll see either a heart (representing good perceptions) or a bomb (representing bad perceptions).

By playing this game, you’ll see examples of different people’s opinions on IT Outsourcing, those you can’t find in the text book. Also, you can get better understanding (or more confused) on this area and decide whether it is the right approach for your company.

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