It just got real in here at Contactive

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It just got real in here at Contactive

Postby contactive_dave » Fri Aug 30, 2013 10:52 pm

Hey all. It’s been waaaaaaayy too long, I know. Missed this, so now I’m back! (um, yay!) And with fun news, to boot! Our dev team is working super long hours (ok, not without just a tiny little bit of beer to fuel them), and are releasing a really cool new feature next week in our app – Contactive, a universal caller ID app with a social address book.

Anyone interested in getting their hands dirty with the new update? Feedback makes our hearts go thumpthumpthump

Happy to shoot an email with a pre-release of the apk to anyone looking to knock around our app. :) Super juice. 8)

Go to the play store and tell us all kinds of good things about ourselves (unbridled narcissism is where it’s AT!) (thumpthumpthump ***see above)
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Looking for beta testers for Contactive - PM me if interested! Will gladly return the favor :)
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