Intergalactic Spacefleet Sensor on Android Market!

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Intergalactic Spacefleet Sensor on Android Market!

Postby Rev0lucian » Thu Jun 24, 2010 6:41 pm

Hey all, I have been reading these forums for my initial development on android. I have not needed to post till now however.

The Intergalactic Spacefleet Sensor is my first app that dynamically synthesizes scifi sounds with the frequency and color range based on the point you touch.

I would be interested to hear what you guys think.

Impress your fellow galactic travelers with your state of the art situational environmental status evaluation tool. Prevent mishaps like forgetting your oxygen tank when the atmosphere is in a critical state. Defend yourself against the unfortunate melt down of your fusion core. Don’t allow those gamma rays to penetrate your protective shell. The device will also tell you when its power cells are depleted. It has everything!
The Intergalactic Spacefleet Sensor is an Android App meant to turn your phone into a state of the art scientific scanning device. Make your warnings heard by a device ranked top of its class in deadly incoming mishaps prevention alerts. While traveling through the Milky Way evaluate the surrounding radio activity the device will later tell you is emanating from your ship!

Screenshots can be found here:
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