Integrate geo-location into contacts

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Integrate geo-location into contacts

Postby chousein » Sat Aug 14, 2010 9:33 pm

Geo-Filtered Assistant Basic (to be found under Applications:Tools) is a free application for filtering your contacts, your call-log and your SMS messages, based on your current geo-location. It uses your current location and the postal address of the entries in the contacts for filtering the list of contacts, call-log and SMS messages. Filtering produces three categories:
1.Contacts within a specified radius,
2.Contacts in the current city, and
3.Contacts without postal addresses.

Geo-Filtered Assistant Basic works more efficiently when every contact has its corresponding postal address been specified. For contacts with no specified postal address, the related information is grouped under the category 'Without address'.

Geo-Filtered Assistant Basic is the predecessor of Geo-Filtered Assistant Pro, which is going to integrate many types of online contacts. Geo-Filtered Assistant Pro will be released the following months.

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