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InMobi Ad Report

Postby hoohee1030 » Thu Jul 19, 2012 8:19 am

InMobi Ad report (Mobile ad tracker for InMobi publisher)

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Are you a developer? And are you a publisher of InMobi?
Then, now you can also check your status on campaigns with your mobile devices.
InMobi Ad report is a mobile application for InMobi ad Tracker which was only available on web.
InMobi Ad Tracker enables advertisers and agencies to track any post-click mobile conversion (app downloads, lead generations, sales, or other events) across all mobile marketing channels (both, ad networks and mobile publishers) through a single platform. The solution supports tracking of conversions across iOS Apps, Android Apps, and Mobile Web properties.
InMobi Ad reports implements the most useful functions of InMobi Ad Tracker.
InMobi Ad reports also provides you essential information such as clicks, fill rates, CPC and etc.

Specific functions
1. Summary
You can easily check your application or mobile webs’ Clicks, CPC, CTR, Earnings, eCPM, Fill rate, Impressions, and Requests at a glance. Also, you can set time period (yesterday, 7d, 30d) of summary.
2. Reports
This function is advanced search. Once you select date range, platform, and filter, you can find reports you exactly need.
3. Trends
This function provides you comparing graph for the past 7 days. Using this function, you can effectively identify trends of earnings, CTR, and fill rate.
4. Account info
You can see your Access ID and Secret key.

Be more productive with Inmobi Ad report!
*To get your own access ID and Secret key, please contact
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