Handy Note Free : one step to perfect.

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Handy Note Free : one step to perfect.

Postby appbody » Thu Jun 13, 2013 1:41 pm

For people who journal many times in life, but usually end up tearing out the pages because don't like having it lying around for anyone to read. Handy Note fit the best. It has describe as "One of the 10 Best S Pen Apps for the GALAXY Note II "by Tech blog Gizmodo.

Even though, It is a free version, you can do pretty much anything: draw, edit photos, journal, write to-do lists, send notes to friends, storyboard. . .You name it, Handy Note help you do it all !

To put everything into one page amaze me a lot. I can do text, handwriting, free drawing, photo, video, symbol, shape, SMS, contact, date/time, apps, and more on same page. Without leaving notebook. I can also change the size and color, background and move the elements in all direction on a page.

To have extra page styles and covers are always nice for people like me. Thanks to Handy Note and it offers many built-in and downloadable templates to help me to organize plans, shopping lists, class note, health staff, and others quickly. The templates include dairy, business, academic, personal, minutes and etc.

You can setup password to protect your notes and browser notebooks page by page on your Android desktop without open Handy Note by using widget.

Compare to other notes taking app and The quality of handwriting on Handy Note is pretty phenomenon. No matter you are using finger or stylus, the double panel writing design allows you to write without stopping and feel like writing on real paper.
You can also edit your handwriting like edit text. copy & delete word by word, bulletin & numbering, alignment, and mix with text.

Watch Handy Note free at
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pSYCR4UR ... e=youtu.be
Find Handy Note Free at
https://play.google.com/store/apps/deta ... 29vZ2xlIl0.
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