[APP] Gymme Free - gym body building personal trainer

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[APP] Gymme Free - gym body building personal trainer

Postby pizzorni » Fri Jul 06, 2012 4:23 pm

Gymme! Your body building droid personal trainer!
No more sheets, timer, pens to track your workouts.
Just spend two minutes to put your workout in Gymme and that's it.
Every day your routine will be automatically proposed. You just have to take a look at your device, change weights according to your session results and start countdowns ...
When finished a log will be saved.
A great 1Rip tool let you know your indirect maximal and also try to guess the right weight for every number of reps.
Free multiple countdown timers at your disposal.
Accurate kcal burst calculation (per set/exercise/routine)
- inline editing of sets during workout
- accurate calculation of expented duration of the workout
- wide range of parametrizations

Free version limitation
- maximal calculation disabled
- Logs are not saved, thus weights and suggestions do
- new workouts can have just one routine (day)
- you can't add new exercises, just use those in archive

-modified layout in in main form to underline next routine's info
-Graphical hints in several forms
-Editing buttons directly available in workout managment
-Alarm song for free chronometers
-Weight variations also in workout exercises
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