[APP][4.0+] GMDYO Launcher (Free) 1.2

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[APP][4.0+] GMDYO Launcher (Free) 1.2

Postby pohtzeyun » Tue Nov 06, 2012 5:11 am

GMDYO -> GO Make Dis Your Own Launcher (Free) 1.2

This is an alternative launcher as compared to the various launchers on the market. Given the capabilities of the Android system, we felt that more should have been done to improve the user experience. Thus we are doing this differently compared to current launchers available on the market right now. However, in order to ensure that we are able to cater to all of the needs of the users, we are releasing it as we develop it along the way.

Please do let us know what are the things that
- we are doing right
- what needs to be corrected or improved
- what features you want to see in the future releases
- overall are we heading in the right direction

This app is a work in progress and there might be bugs present. Currently, you can get out of the launcher just by pressing the "BACK" key on your mobile. This is done on purpose as we feel that its still too early for it to be a user's daily work horse and more suited to be a showcase instead.

More features are in the pipeline so do expect frequent updates
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