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GeoText Beta

Postby Yinten » Fri Jul 17, 2009 9:23 pm

Hey Guys,

Go check out GeoText Beta, I liked the idea, so I coded a basic mock up with some of the functionality I was thinking about.

Tell me about things I could have done differently / problems you experience with the application PLEASE =).

One thing I've already realized is that capturing the phone number from an incoming text and matching it up with the client isn't really working. I accounted for most us number by stripping out the +, " ", "-" and taking the 1 out and then comparing it to the contacts book. Does anyone know a better way to compare the contact number on an incoming text to the content provider phone number field?

Source will be posted here after I work out kinks if anyone would be so inclined as to judge it, or maybe use it :P

Thanks much,

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