GameJolt Trophy system

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GameJolt Trophy system

Postby grumpymonkey » Thu Jul 08, 2010 10:53 pm

The popular indie developer website, GameJolt, has a unique trophy system for developers to allow their players to earn trophies and save them to their online profiles. I wanted to see how it would be like in Android so I made this quick little game: ... ds&par1=22
SOURCE: ... 2798/3855/

Now the game itself isn‘t that interesting, basically you go into a preschool, get tricked into activating a timebomb, and then you have to make a quick decision to save the lives of the innocent children. No one actually dies though cause whichever option you pick has a happy ending.
So pretty much everything you do, from logging in to touching the DON‘T TOUCH!! button, gives you a trophy. You also need a GameJolt account to play, otherwise where will your pretty trophies go?
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