Galactic Insects

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Galactic Insects

Postby korroxion » Mon Jun 03, 2013 7:09 pm

" Insects are Invading the Galaxy, Killing Them All!"
New free game for android phones and tablets.

You have entered the pests’ world. You have to eliminate all of them because they are now threatens the galaxy. Never seen kill insects with cannon, right? Now, you can have a try.

The game play is quite easy, that you just need to tap on the cannon to shoot the pest. The longer you tap on the cannon, the further you shoot. In each level there is a goal you should get, while don’t waste the bullets because they are limited. Sometimes you will get some additional awards with some hearts, never miss them. How nervous it is!

There are totally 6 planets more than 50 levels waiting for you to challenge. With the progressing of the game, it will become more and more difficult and the speeds that insects move are faster and faster. Be attention, something on the screen you can’t bomb with cannon or you will fail. It’s a testing for your reflection and accuracy.

The graphics and characters of Galactic Insects are designed realistic. Different kinds of pest are same with real. Also the music is suitable for the rhythm. Visual and hearing are stimulated to develop brain so that you can be thrown in a pest battle.

With simple control, Galactic Insects is a good casual game. For time killing, it is the best choice. You can enjoy the fun of killing pests. Don’t hesitate when you meet them.

The game is free and the URL in the google play store is:

You can see the promotional video here:
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