For taking fast notes or just focusing on writing, Handy Mem

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For taking fast notes or just focusing on writing, Handy Mem

Postby nanzu04 » Mon Jan 28, 2013 12:36 pm

Handy Memo is prefect for taking fast notes or just focusing on writing. It is the most natural way to take hand written notes on a tablet.
I believe this going to be everybody’s favorite app for notes taking. The highlight of this app can be summarized as below;
• Easy: editing handwriting as easy as text
• Fast: double panel writing smoothly
• Neat: better than write on paper
What is Handy Memo?
Handy Memo allows you take notes with text, handwriting, photo, symbols simply as long as you want.
Lots of users love our product such as Handy Note because of the creative technology - Magic Pen. It makes your handwriting better than write on paper and it also can edit handwriting as text. User wants a fast notes or just focusing on writing. So we create Handy Memo.
Product Features:
 Magic Pen: A creative technology to improve the handwriting quality. You enjoy handwriting on Handy Note more than on paper.
 Editable handwriting: Editing handwriting just as editing text, you can copy / delete handwriting word by word, bulletin & numbering, alignment, etc. Even mix text and handwriting together.
 Double Panel Writing: No more waiting for your handwriting shows on page. Switch writing on two writing panels makes you writing smoothly.
 Photo and symbols: Insert photos and symbols and enjoy lot of built-in symbols.
 Export as HTML: Export your notes as HTML through email to exchange information with PC and other mobile devices.
 Private Folder: Password protected folder to keep your privacy safe.
Handy Memo Pro is paid edition and it allows you to insert photos and symbols. Set text and handwriting font size, color, bulletin & numbering, alignment, etc.
Get your Handy Memo now at the Google Play Store for free or upgrade to Handy Memo Pro for $ 0.99.
Watch Handy Memo at youtube
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