FlashNotify - Request for testing on various platforms

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FlashNotify - Request for testing on various platforms

Postby PeteMatthews » Sat Feb 06, 2010 1:28 pm

Morning all,

I've written a small app for my HTC Magic which will make the whole screen backlight flash when there’s something you should pay attention to. At the moment, it does unread SMS messages and missed calls, although I'm planning to expand in the future according to any user requests. Full details are at http://monkeyspannered.com/android-apps/flashnotify/

I've tested this with my HTC Magic, and a friends HTC Hero, but since putting it up on the market, I've had (almost) nothing but "Doesn't work on xxxx" reviews, and the single stars are starting to get to me :)

If anyone's got a spare few minutes, could you give it a go for me... It should work something like:

1 - Install the app (it's free and everything :) )
2 - Exit the settings screen back to the home screen (not strictly necessary), and wait until the phone goes to sleep (backlight off, etc)
3 - Call the phone, but don't answer it, in order to generate a missed call
4 - Wait for the phone to go back to sleep. It should now be waking up and flashing the backlight every few seconds (according to the settings)
5 - Wake the phone up, and look at the missed call record.
6 - Wait for the phone to go back to sleep - It shouldn't be flashing any more
7 - Send the phone a text message
8 - The backlight should be flashing again now
9 - Read the text - The flashing should stop again.

(Don't feel you need to stick absolutely to this - Just trying to get across what should be going on :))

If this isn't what you get, I'd appreciate logs or stack traces as appropriate. Platforms of particular interest are Motorola Droid and Cliq, and the G1.

Fraid there's not much of a reward, other than my eternal gratitude, but it would really be appreciated. This is my first app, and the poor reviews are starting to get to me :)

Thanks in advance,

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