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The Flashlight application is the most complete, intuitive, usefull and simple to use. It allows you to convert your phone/tablet into a handy flashlight either using screen or camera LED/flash as a torch (camera LED is not present in most devices).
This is the application that should be on your phone/tablet and should be used everytime you need a flashlight. It can be used for instance as a night light, as reading light or even as an emergency light.
- Flashlight (Screen & LED/flash & Widget)
- Strobe Flashlight (Screen & LED/flash & Widget)
- Morse Flashlight (Screen & LED/flash & Widget)
- SOS Flaslight (Screen & LED/flash & Widget)
- Stop Flashlight (Screen)
- Tow Flashlight (Screen)
- Police Flashlights (Screen)
- FireFighter Flashlights (Screen)
- Ambulance Flashlights (Screen)
- Rainbow Flashlights (Screen)
- Auto-Start option
- Show on notification bar options
- Shake on lock screen to turn on and off flashlight
- And lots of other options that worth check it out
- This application works with a wide range of phones/tablets with camera LED/flash
- Shake mode can only the activated on unlock screen and is only available when using camera LED/flash.
- Compatible with Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0) and Jelly Bean (Android 4.1).
Download here
Site: Link
Android apps: Link
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