FaceCash Mobile Wallet + Payments

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FaceCash Mobile Wallet + Payments

Postby thinkcomp » Sun May 08, 2011 7:04 am


We've created a mobile wallet application called FaceCash (https://www.facecash.com) which lets you pay for items at the point of sale with your Android (or other) smartphone. It works by displaying a barcode on the screen that the merchant scans, causing a photo of your face to appear on the register. The cashier can then compare your face to the image downloaded from the FaceCash server, and debit your account on the spot.

Any feedback you have would be greatly appreciated. Right now most of our merchants are in Palo Alto, CA, but if you happen to live in...

- Massachusetts
- New Mexico
- New York
- Montana
- South Carolina
- Wisconsin

...and you know of a merchant that might want to accept FaceCash, definitely tell them or us about it! They can even use our free web-based cash register, FaceCash Register (https://www.facecash.com/register.html).

And if you want a job helping with our app, see our post in the jobs section of the forum.


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