Enliven - Colorblind Augmented Reality & Sim

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Enliven - Colorblind Augmented Reality & Sim

Postby Rev0lucian » Tue Sep 21, 2010 6:50 pm

Enliven is an Augmented Reality Application that allows the user to see what colorblind people see which would be useful to a designer who is looking to make sure their design is colorblind friendly.

The Colorblind Aid feature highlights colors that are difficult to differentiate for colorblind users.

Screenshots and 2d bar code can be found at the following link:
Rev0Lucian: Enliven - Color Blind Aid : http://www.rev0lucian.com/2010/09/enliven-color-blind-aid.html

(ANDROID MARKET LINK - Works on Phone only)

Its a free app, I would really appreciate feedback/criticisms
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