[App][Free] Emergency Alert System Simulator

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[App][Free] Emergency Alert System Simulator

Postby EAS Simulator » Wed Sep 25, 2013 7:34 pm

EAS Simulator Free
Available at: https://market.android.com/details?id=com.pjpdevelop.eassimulator.free

Ever wanted to simulate a natural disaster, a nuclear war or a zombie apocalypse? Now you can use your Android device to play realistic-looking Emergency Alert System (formerly known as Emergency Broadcast System) alerts.

• Plays realistic EAS alerts. Choose from a default list of alerts or create your own (EAS Simulator Pro).
• Schedule an alert to play at a given time (even if the device is locked). Ideal for drills, pranks or role-playing.
• Loaded with a set of pre-defined alerts detailing different real-life scenarios, including a flash flood in New Jersey, a tornado in Oklahoma or a tsunami in Hawaii. Other alerts include movie and video-game inspired scenarios such as nuclear attacks or zombie virus pandemics (EAS Simulator Plus or Pro).

• Backgrounds similar to the ones used on TV alerts (black, color bars, intermission screens, etc.).
• Static or blinking texts.
• Scrolling texts (news-ticker like).
• SAME headers (the beeping and buzzing sounds heard in the beginning of the alerts).
• Attention signal (single or combined frequency).
• Voice message generated by your device's Text to Speech engine (TTS).


Look for "EAS Simulator Free" on the Google Play store.
If you like the app, please rate it on the Google Play store. You may include a request (for an emergency scenario to be included in the next versions of the app) in your review.

Notes on Text to Speech generation:
- The app uses your device's default Text to Speech (TTS) engine to generate a voice message from text.
- EAS Simulator can help you configure your device's TTS engine: at the main menu, click the options button -> About text to speech -> Configure TTS Engine.
- There are plenty of TTS engines available on the market (some free, some paid). Android's stock TTS engine is PicoTTS, which is pretty decent. For more realistic voices, check out Ivona Text to Speech. It's free and available on android play.
EAS Simulator
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