Easy to use full featured taskmanager

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Easy to use full featured taskmanager

Postby motor-ecu » Sun Jan 30, 2011 6:56 pm

Use the Taskmanager to profile apps for cpu memory and net usage, speed up your phone today.

'Taskmanager/Performance Monitor' with three tabs:
1)running applications and services from android apps,auto kill list and installed applications
2)running services on the android os
3)graph of cpu,memory and net usage

You can kill,switch to and uninstall running android apps, autokill list keeps the applications killed or use the application list to easely uninstall no longer needed, multiple tasks can be killed at the same time or be put in the autokill-list through the use of the checkboxes

Killing services on the android os is also possible if you have root access. This was tested with androot and kills the process for sure.

Every net interface is listed in net options. This means wifi, bluetooth and 3g are available in their system names.
You can see what you downloaded so far or reset the counter at a specific point in time. For instance if you reset the counter at the start of a new bill you can see how much you downloaded so far. Easy to keep track of your download/uploadlimit. Every net interface is logged even wifi, bluetooth or 3G

Direct link : market://details?id=com.ecu.task




Feedback would be appreciated.

Download it at the market:

'TaskManager Pro' from motor-ecu
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