[App] Drismo, driving quality rating

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[App] Drismo, driving quality rating

Postby Drismo » Tue May 03, 2011 11:36 am

Hey fellow android people!

We have just released an application called DriSMo. DriSMo is an acronym for Driving Skill Monitor. This (wonderful) acronym is a bit misleading, as we do not just look at driving skills, but driving quality. This quality is determined by three factors: driver, car and surroundings. If you've ever had the discussion about who the best driver, you can finally prove it by using this app!

The application is currently in a BETA testing phase. We welcome feedback with great joy. DriSMo is currently free to download, and it will continue to be. DriSMo will also soon be released as open source.

If this sounded interesting, check out the app on the market here:

Feedback is appreciated!
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