DescribeMania - a new partygame for android

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DescribeMania - a new partygame for android

Postby androidb » Wed Nov 24, 2010 9:38 pm

Hey guys and girls,

I released a new app called DescribeMania and it´s a new game for your android device. Guess words, solve math excercises, take care of the ticking bomb and gain as much points as possible.

The principal idea of DescribeMania is to guess the word on top by not using the words beyond. Gestures or any other non-verbal communications are not allowed.
When the party-mode is activated, you have to pay extra attention to four funny exercises. For example you have to solve a math excercise or you have to describe a word before the ticking bomb explodes.

Additionally there is so much you can set up - just make it your own. For example try german words, modify the duration of each round, or just add some more teams.

Just play it with some friends at an enjoyable evening, you´ll like it.


Visit the official site here
View app on appbrain


Please comment :)
I would love it to get some inspiration and feedback!
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