[GAME][FREE] Demon Wars RPG

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[GAME][FREE] Demon Wars RPG

Postby ryonosuke » Fri Nov 30, 2012 11:54 pm

Hi, Just released my first large (ie, non-tutorial/sample project) Android game app on the Google Play Market:



Demon Wars RPG is a grid based tactics RPG game, along the lines of other series in the genre such as Fire Emblem, Advance Wars, etc. Summon and take control of an army of monsters as you conquer the lands and overcome your foes. Follow the slap-stick humor filled adventures of Demon Lord and Princess as they join together to retake the kingdom. The first chapter (contains 4 episodes/maps to play) is completely free. Try it out and see if you'll enjoy this game!



- 25 playable monster unit types, each with their own unique special ability that help defines their role in battle.
- Slimes can duplicate and copy themselves.
- Living Bombs can explode and kill surrounding units.
- Zombies can infect enemies and create more zombies.
- Ghosts can vanish and become invulnerable.
- And much much more.

- Capture enemy bases to increase the influence of your territory.
- Monsters can be summoned from any base you own.
- The map is cleared once the castle base is taken. Conquer your opponent's and defend your own.
- The less turns it takes to clear a map, the higher the rank you obtain. Aim for the S rank.

- Devise strategies with the "Battle Area" mechanic.
- Each monster type has a set patterned area surrounding it.
- Position your Battle Areas to battle many enemies at once, or gather your forces to pummel a single foe.
- Effective use can turn a small army of 10 monster units into a battle force of 50.

- Follow the humorous adventure of Demon Lord and Princess.
- Planned to have over 13 different chapters.
- Each chapter has 4-7 episodes/map stages. That's over 50 different levels to play!
- Each episode has its own story cut-scene, including some in battle scripted events.
- The first chapter, and its 4 episodes, are completely free to play!
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