Create Launch&Landing pages for mobile apps in 5 minutes

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Create Launch&Landing pages for mobile apps in 5 minutes

Postby pageforapp » Thu Nov 29, 2012 11:45 am

Hi! We're creating a new product for mobile app developers. The point of the project is to find a simple way of making a web page for your mobile app to evaluate the public interest in it using web technologies. Using our service, you will create a Launch page or a Landing page for your mobile app just in 5 minutes. You can view the screen shots of these pages on our website At this point, we'd like to know if you're willing to pay for this product. If yes, then how much? If no, then would you like to use it with our sub-domain name or our logo for free? We're also interested in mobile app promotion, and we'd like to learn about your ways of doing it and what promotion processes you'd like to automate. Maybe you'd like to save yourself the trouble of promotion and hand this task over to the publisher? If yes, then for what sale fee?
Thank You
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