concerned about beta testers - what's your take on this?

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concerned about beta testers - what's your take on this?

Postby alanshore » Tue Sep 22, 2009 9:41 am

maybe you have been in a similar situation:

i just released my first app and got some 600 downloads of the trial version on the first day. now i got a number of emails from people offering to beta test this and future software projects of mine.

of course, i can use all the help i get but i am also a bit paranoid. what is the harm if i do give out the apk and aldo, how do it get the log data? to get the log data, i believe i need android:debuggable set to true but that is a main point of my hesitation here.

so what would you give an unknown person offering to beta-test for you:
- nothing
- apk with debuggable true but otherwise crippled (some functionality missing)
- apk with debuggable false only and get log data some other way (suggestions?)
- apk signed with a key specific fur this purpose and limited duration

any advice is highly appreciated.
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