Command Center Application

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Command Center Application

Postby kec6227 » Fri Mar 05, 2010 4:45 pm

I recently created a very simple android Application called "Command Center". It is essentially designed for lost or stolen phones, or forgetting your phone at home. You can create commands that are triggered by incoming SMS messages. The program then executes a variety of commands from sounding and alarm, to responding with your location, to emailing recent call logs. A recent update allows the forwarding of incoming SMS messages

I am trying to break into the Android Development area, and I have started with this very simple, albeit mildly useless application. I would appreciate a review and any other feedback that is offered.

You can search "Command Center" on the android market. The paid version (US$.99) includes the ability to filter, via blacklist or whitelist, incoming commands so that not any incoming text message with the right text can trigger a command.

This program is designed on a droid, and the minsdk is set as such. I would appreciate any and all feedback regarding this application.

Thank you.
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