Coloodle -a different sort of Doodling Application

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Coloodle -a different sort of Doodling Application

Postby pixelfulstudios » Sun Jul 15, 2012 6:27 am

I am a new member who is also very new to Android development. Wanted to share my first application here so I can get feedback from more experienced developers.

Used AIR with pure Acionscript 3.0 on Flash Develop for development.


Can save images

Updates the Android Gallery with it's folder each time you save (you don't have to hunt for the files in your sdcard)

Draws the vector sprites on a bitmap so you can have infinite amount of pixels with no performance hit

User can change transparency

User can change brush size

User can change fill and stroke size as well as color for each

User can change strokeweight

Free watermark on all saved images

It is free (supported with the occasional ad in the options menu)

It is downloadable here: ... r.coloodle

Thanks :)
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