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Coin Magic for Android

Postby ChrisPetersen » Thu Feb 24, 2011 1:52 pm

I always envied those iPhone people for their nice magic apps like "Coin into phone". Where you take a coin, sign it with the initials of the spectator, rub it into the phone's screen to find it stuck under the display glass. The you can move the coin around by either tilting the phone or with your finger. And for the big finale, you shake the phone and the coin drops out from the phone into your hand.

And the app should use my personal home screen as background, not a fake bitmap background. So I started to develop "Coin2Phone". It works just as I always wanted. The selection of coins is very nice (Half Dollar, Quarter, Euro coins, Yen and British Pound). Uses the phone's home screen as background and after shaking the coin out, the phone reacts as usual. No need to push any button to exit the app.

If you like to entertain your friends with this illusion, try the free demo of "Coin2Phone" ... c.coindemo
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