ClockSync - synchronize device time via NTP

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ClockSync - synchronize device time via NTP

Postby CrazyCoder » Sat May 29, 2010 2:02 pm


Synchronizes system time via NTP automatically or manually. Will be useful if your operator doesn't support automatic time synchronization via NITZ (mine doesn't and device clock lags).

ROOT is required for synchronization.

  • Displays atomic reference time, system time, clock offset and current date or last synchronization time
  • Gets atomic time from the user specified NTP server
  • Update offset by tapping on the Atomic time or Local offset values on the screen
  • Tapping on the system time will synchronize the device clock with the atomic clock
  • Update/Synchronize actions are also available from the application menu
  • Automatic synchronization on user specified interval (battery efficient!)
  • Options to synchronize only via Wi-Fi or when device is already awake
  • Optional Haptic feedback when tapping on the active screen elements
  • am/pm and 24-hour time display based on the system setting
  • Compatible with Android 1.5 and higher version including FroYo (2.2)

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