Cipher - Encryption for your ANDROID

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Cipher - Encryption for your ANDROID

Postby blboyd » Tue Apr 13, 2010 8:13 pm

Here's my first app announcement!

Some form of encryption has been used for over a thousand years. I have translated some of those to the Android. You can select which type of cipher you want to use and encrypt/decrypt your message. You also have the ability to copy a text message and paste it into the app. It can then be encrypted/decrypted and send out as a text message.

I am a software engineer with over 15 years experience. This is my first take at building for the Android platform so go easy on me. I am consistently working on it so more features and ciphers will be added.

Just released v1.1 - Now sending encrypted emails is native

AppName: Cipher

Send any comments or suggestions to:

Brandon Boyd
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