Carrier Info - A free app to save minutes/money.

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Carrier Info - A free app to save minutes/money.

Postby apatti » Mon Mar 14, 2011 1:01 pm

Carrier Info is an application which can be used to determine the carrier information of the phone number i.e. the service provider information. This information would be helpful in saving valuable mobile minutes in US.

Why do we use this app?
Most of us have limited day time minutes and usually we would like to avoid answering calls or make calls which would cost us minutes i.e. the ones which don't belong to same carrier provider. Thus one could use Carrier Info application to determine the service provider of any US phone number and then determine whether to make a call or not. The app also provides an ability to provide the information whenever you recieve a call or about to make a call (one needs to enable this in the settings) so that you can save your valuable minutes. As information may not be correct always hence it is good to make a reject decision based on the information provided.

What's new in this application?
In addition to providing information for individual number, once configured the application would intercept both either incoming or outgoing or both calls and provide information so that one can determine whether to answer the call or not thus saving the valuable minutes/money.
1. Please read Help section to understand the app better.
2. If you enable intercepting of calls in setting of the application then the app would automatically provide information for every outgoing and incoming phone calls.
3. The app doesn't work for ported numbers. In future release we would verify all numbers belonging to Verizon and ATT.
4. The application maintains a cache to store the information so that next time when a lookup is performed for old numbers it need not connect to the network.
5. It only works for US phone numbers.

For more information visit: ... arrierInfo
QR code for app.
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