[FINANCE APP] Budget - Take control of your spending!

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[FINANCE APP] Budget - Take control of your spending!

Postby Skripi » Fri May 06, 2011 6:19 am


Take control of your spending and savings with Budget- the interactive budget expense manager / tracker application for Android, which allows you to control your finances from the palm of your hand.

I was inspired to make this app since my girlfriend got an iPhone which has some amazing budget apps, and when I got my Android, I was searching for similar apps, but all the apps on the Android store have such clunky interfaces and data input is more than a few clicks, which makes it annoying to use in everyday situations (since you need to enter data with each purchase).

So I designed an app where Data Entry is the key priority, where entering data is super easy!

It hasn't got heaps of features yet, but it's my main project at the moment, so plenty of updates to come! Let me know what you think =D
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