[GAME] Brick Annoyed

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[GAME] Brick Annoyed

Postby kstevica » Sun May 30, 2010 6:24 pm

Hi all,

we'd like to have more tests on our game Brick Annoyed. Some screenshots are attached and it's available on the market for free.


Here is description:

Brick Annoyed is classic arcade game which can be played in two modes: Ball and
Clock. Ball mode gives player 5 balls (lives) and Clock mode gives player limited time
for the game. Player must take control of the paddle and destroy balloons on the
screen. Paddle control is done either by a finger (touching a screen) either by
rotating a device. Destroying a balloon will get power-ups which help player to finish
the level quicker. Some of the available power-ups:

Extra life (or time in Clock mode)
Biger paddle – easier to control
Smaller paddle – harder to control, but gives more points
Pin – destroys all balloons of the same color that it came from
Additional ball – device controlled ball

Every 15 levels ball speeds up a bit, so player has to be more concentrated in order
to generate points and avoid loosing ball or time.

Highscores are saved with player’s location which can be checked at



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