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Postby deangodfree » Sun Apr 26, 2009 9:46 pm

BrainBox is a Calendar application for Android powered mobile phones, including the T-Mobile G1

BrainBox helps users to keep organized everyday and stay in touch with the world, with one touch synchronisation with Facebook events and birthdays.

BrainBox stores your events, notes and birthdays , which you can easily add,edit and delete.


* store events, notes and birthdays data.
* fast and responsive GUI.
* touch and keyboard driven user interface.
* synchronise with Facebook events & birthdays*.
* auto SMS message feature for those of you who forget to say Happy Birthday!
* integration with Google Maps for event location data.

* ..and many more !

*You must posses a valid Facebook account,and add the BrainBox application.

This application forms part of my final year project at University.Please can you help me by trying the application and providing lots of feedback/suggestions!

Thanks in advance.

Dean Godfree
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