Borza TV - minimalistic TV show tracker *beta*

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Borza TV - minimalistic TV show tracker *beta*

Postby borzaindustries » Tue Feb 08, 2011 4:21 pm

Hello everyone,

we have now published an app that started out as a personal tool, but it was a shame not to share it with the world. Borza TV is a TV show tracker that contains most of the shows and episodes you have ever watched. All of the data is stored online so you can use it on multiple devices.

We have aimed for nice, clean minimalistic interface. There are not a lot of features, but the app does its job - track the TV shows you are watching, especially if you watch a lot of them in paralell. It's free.

App can be found as "Borza TV" on the Android Market.

Image Image

Try it; keep it if you like it. If not, then please let us know what's wrong with the app.
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